23 February, 2014 13:09

Yet again God has transformed lives in our second medical clinic last night. We showed up to the village we were scheduled to have the clinic in on time, the gate was locked and no one was there. After some investigation it was discovered that the leader of this village decided he didn’t want to allow the clinic due to some "religious" reasons and never even spread the word to the villagers! There was a sense of disappointment, but also hurt as the desire to spread the good news of Jesus Christ is certainly flowing through this team. We contacted another village to see if we could hold the clinic for them and they accepted. The lesson and message was clear even before we began any type of ministry, He has the ultimate plan and knows where he needs us. We just need to be attentive and willing to go. We were welcomed immediately at the alternate village by an elderly woman who was praising God and saying we must have been sent from Heaven. What a welcome, what a blessing. The children were open to us and polite, many connections were formed with them instantly. We didn’t know how many families would even show up as they only had about an hour notice. But again, God knew where we needed to be and more than 50 families ended up coming through. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, many great testimonies were given by team members and Hermano Jesus preached another powerful message even though worn from a long week of ministry. But the end result was yet again a victory for our Lord and Savior as nearly all those that were there came forward and asked Jesus Christ to enter their hearts! There were even some that hung out in the back, but were prompted by the Holy Spirit, and by the love of a team member to speak to Hermano Jesus and Dan just before we left and we had the privilege of praying over them as they sought to enter the Kingdom of God for eternity! Amazing, powerful, life changing. I believe today that this team was assembled as it was because God knew that we could maintain an unified spirit and collectively have the power through the Holy Spirit to reach as many as we have. God has blessed our week of ministry tremendously, he has blessed team members individually and collectively, he has blessed the three villages we had the opportunity to serve in, and I also believe he has blessed those that have followed along with our story on these blogs and will continue to do so through the telling of the amazing life transformation that occurs when you turn yourself over to Him.


2 thoughts on “23 February, 2014 13:09

  1. How Great is our God! His plans don’t always make sense at first! I am so thankful you guys stuck in there and for this great answer to prayer in more souls being saved!!!!
    Love you Guys!
    Teresa Stevens

  2. He is the beginning and the end- the completion of all things- and yet, the lover of each individual soul! He is Worthy to be praised!

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