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  1. So glad to hear you guys made it safely! I hope that your first day of building goes well and you guys kick the others teams booties! ;0) Keep my man in line and give him a hug for me!!! You guys are covered in prayer because and satan does not like it one bit!!!!

    • Jamie! Kevin ended up ditching me and going on a new team! Ha but I am keeping him in line. He is actually hovering behind me with ants in his pants to get on the computer so I better go! xoxo

  2. hey mom, hope you got to Guatemala safely :0 i love you so much and i have been looking at my purple thumbs so i remember to pray. Btw i love the book ty ~Taylor

    • Your welcome for the book! Taylor I Cant begin to tell you how God is working in my life! The first night here one of the firsts songs we sang was Amazing Grace! I think of you daily and miss you so much. I hope you did good at your basketball game! Love you so much!
      I love you so much and miss you so much! I hope school is going well for you and you are helping Dad on the home front! So many sweet little boys here and they make me think of you!
      Hi my princess! Thank you for your note on here! I love you with all my heart. Tell Daddy I love him and give him a big hug for me.
      I will try to blog again, we have 31 people so it is very hard to get online.

  3. Peyton wants me to tell you that she misses you as much as the whole world and she hpes you have agood night sleep and she loves you so much; she hopes you are so good and that your family is so good. She hopes everything is good. Bye and good night; have a good time the next day. She wants me to tell you that she misses you with a heart <3. This is from Peyton….she typed it…

    mom peyton i love y0u

    dad ekjytrs kissandhug vpiyufrscbnm,

  4. Hope you survived the building of your house with my crazy, button pushing husband! I’m sure there may have been a little stucco thrown or paint splattered at some point. So we will be praying you guys through tomorrow’s dedication day. I can’t wait to hear about your family and how it goes. Love ya and get a good night sleep!

    • Going good so far! I was excited that I was able to get a coke and some DIng Dongs on the way home from our homes! Ha the simple things 🙂 God is doing amazing work here.

  5. I am so proud of you, and I CAN NOT wait to hear what God does in your life through this trip!! You are such an amazing woman!! I am dying to hear all about it! Love you!!

    • Thank you 🙂 God is doing good things here, Satan is very real… I made a great connection with my family over the past three days.. Very hard to say goodbye. I wish I had so much longer to write on here, I want to share all my feelings and thoughts but we have 31 ppl trying to get on the computers and you start to feel bad when you are on here for more than 10 minutes. I see my stinkers are on here, if you can, can you remind Pat to write?
      God has me on this trip for a reason. Dan asked us what is blocking us from having that personal
      relationship with Christ? I believe I found my answer… PLease continue to pray! Tell Peyton that I know she will look beautiful tonight. And can you remind my kids that its very hard
      for me to get on here and that I love hearing from them. Just reading a few lines gives me
      strength to go on throughout the day! x0x0x0

      • Yay!! God is so good all the time, and He has you here for a specific reason! Keep praying, listening, and begging Him to make Himself clear to you! I am so happy that you are already hearing His voice and that you are feeling His answers! God loves you so much, and He has great plans for you….for you to see yourself as He sees you and for you to work on Arica only, and be the best person you can be for Him! I love you, and am so proud of you! I am dying to hear all about the trip when you get home!

        Peyton is here right now, and her and Markie are having a great time together! She is so excited to go to the dance tonight!!

        Peyton says, “I got presents for you! I love you mom! Can I have a sleepover with Markie? I love you mom so much! Mom, like….and like…I love you! I know you are done with houses and now you are giving medicine.” (All said with her silly little laugh!!)

  6. You know I am so very proud of you!! I get a big smile thinking about you guys being there! And I am totally Jealous of the singing and devotions you get to do every night! I know what a big step the 1st trip was and you were with Pat and now you are there again with friends but on your own!!! I pray God shows you what what you need to see!!!(when I see your face, there’s not a thing that I would change cuz your amazing just the way you are:)~Bruno Mars
    LOL;) I could resist hope it makes you smile
    Prayers and hugs
    Luv ya

    • Its 6am over here and you made this girl choke up… Devotions are amazing and you are right, its been very hard and God is peeling back the layers and continually telling me “I am here” love you

  7. No reminder needed here!!! I have been watching the blog twice a day!! I am so proud of you and what you are doing down there…God is using you to do BIG things! Big things for the people of Guatemala, Big things for your children, and Big things for yourself! Thank you so much for the calendar and meal plan…they have been very helpful to me. This week has been tough but between the calendar and the flexibility at work, things have gone fairly smooth for me!! Here was my post on Facebook yesterday: Arica is gone in Guatemala and I was left all alone to take care of the kids…I felt like I was doing pretty good; following Arica’s step-by-step detailed calendar with meal plans, school prep, sporting events, etc. I haven’t missed a beat! But then, I was standing behind my son and realized he didn’t smell real good…baths were obviously not on the detailed calendar…that’s Arica’s fault right?

    • There have been mixed responses…most of the men are on my side; the women just think its funny. Either way, they finally got baths last night and Patrick got a haircut! Sawyer misses you a lot, he lays on the couch at night and whimpers for you. But I miss you most of all…can’t wait to have you back home…I love you so much and am so proud of you!!!!

      • I was a bit scared that You did forget but that was just Satan attacking, clearly you have had a mishap with the bathroom/shower situation which was probably traumatic for both you and whoever has been around you 🙂 Its been very hard to get on the blog but because of how many people are here so to write what is exactly happening would not be feasable but I can tell you that God is working, He is working miricles on me as well. God is starting to break me and he asked me the question are you in control, or am I in control.. Clearly I was in control and have been for quite some time now. A song has been helping me with that question, ” In my heart and soul I give you my contol consume me from the inside out, Your will above all else my purpose remains, The art of losing myself. So powerful. Dedication day was amazing, our whole family dedicated all of their lives to CHRIST! Thank you so much for taking care of our family always! Even though I had all of the schedules written out etc. I know you would have been fine because you are an amazing father. I love you so much

        I miss you too! THank you for continuing to pray for me and my team! I said goodbye to lesly on Wed. Very hard to do but I have a picture of the flower clip you gave me to give to her in her hair! I cant wait to show you it

        Patrick:Its been amazing here, we had our first medical clinic yesterday and it was so cool! We were able to give the kids gifts and candy! I am doing pretty good other than missing all of you! Keep praying

        Peyton: Im so sorry your dance was cancelled! I hope dad gave you teh gift I had for the dance still! Did you get to sleep over with Markie? I miss you I miss snuggling with you. Can you do me a big favor? Can you tell Sawyer how much I miss him? Can you kiss him for me? LOVE YOU

  8. Hey mom its tay 🙂 im glad your doing great in Guatemala! i hope that your prayer family is doing good! tell Lesly that im praying for her and that i wish i could meet her! tell her smeday we will meet 🙂 your an amazing mother,dont let stan attack, build a wall and shield. ❤

  9. Love You💗 praying for you🙏
    BTW your hubby cracks me up!! So funny that he forgot baths! Something Ross would totally do!!! Atleast your kids will be feed and well taken care of but maybe a little stinky;) 🛀🚿haha
    Jaimy Stevens
    P.s. so many Jaimys so thought I better sign my name;)

  10. Dear Africa (ha ha), You are a super star, it’s so awesome your doing this and I know your world and the villages will be changed as a result. Hoping you stay healthy and enjoy your time down there. We are praying for you.


    • Oh Ross!
      It is amazing here and you and Jaimy are missed! Staying fairly healty last night I was a bit sick but God gave me my heatlh back! Thank you ROss and Jaimy for being such big prayer warriors.

  11. It’s amazing to see how God works on these trips and I know he is molding and pruning you to be his beloved. I’m so proud of you for opening your heart and life, and following God will. You will find your peace and blessing! Your a amazing mother, wife, friend, child of God! I can’t wait to hear all about this trip! I hope tees last couple days find you pressing on and finishing strong! You are loved so much AAA!!!

    • Thank you Kelli! ITs amazing heree and Makes me feel so loved that you are following our blog. So thankful for you and yoru family. xoxoxo

  12. Arica – So glad that you are on this team. It will be a joy to see you when you return. Keep living and sharing The Story of God! – Pastor Jim

  13. Arica–As promised while this trip isn’t the same as the last one, I think you’ll find it to be as rewarding if not more so. Know there are a lot of people praying for you and the team. Keep up the good work as you do the last medical clinic and devo’s tomorrow night.

  14. I am glad to hear God is working on you! He has given you so many wonderful qualities….continue to allow Him into your heart, let the walls down and give Him total control. I love that song too, we should get it for you to listen to at home. What an awesome praise that your entire family accepted Christ!!! Its so powerful to read the short snip-its…I am excited to hear all the stories when you get back!! How have the medical clinics gone? I heard some of the team has been sick? Are they doing ok now? Love you so much and miss you!!!

  15. The kids miss you a lot! Peyton keeps asking how much longer. It seems like the week has gone by fast, which is good for me, I can’t wait to see you in two days!! I am trying to keep the house in order and the kids in check, now with baths. All three of the kids have been helping to keep the house clean. They love your little notes and gifts each evening…Peyton has a hard time waiting. She loved her dress, unfortunately, the daddy daughter dance was cancelled due to weather but Matt, Kevin, and I took the girls to the Pub for a daddy daughter date. They still wore their dresses and had a great time…They were sad they couldn’t dance 😦 Are you taking a lot of pictures??? I love you !!!

    • Aw. Tell stinker buns that I wll be home soon! Tell her thank you for praying fo rme and that I was able to help little girls the same age as her feel loved. We ended up getting to our last medical clinic and the village did not show up. We were sad but God had a purpose and Dan made a few calls and we ended up in a different village and all of the villagers accepted Christ. I shared my testimony last night and it was so freeing. Very hard to do but I had so many people praying for me it was time to do it! I met a littl girl that touched my heart, she is 15 years old. It was so hard to say goodbye. I cant wait to tell you all the stories.. God gave me so much strenght to get through the weak, he healed me when I got sick and gave me the ability to push throught. He is such an amazing God.. Learning so many things here about myself.. I love the people of Guatemala so much and feel led to do so much more! I cant wait to see you and hug you, love you tons.

  16. hi mom its me Patrick, at school me and kole were playing a cool game at recess first you get a running start then you do a slide down the hill. me and my other friend aj have the same game on our kindles it is called pixel gun 3D and he lives next to us! I love you and miss you and can not wait to hug you. Love Patrick.

    • That sounds like fun bubby! are you getting holes in your knees of your pants? ha just kidding. What, who is AJ? so glad you have a new friend! I cant wait to hug you too love you

  17. hey mom its tay 🙂 we almost won our bball game 12 to 17! i scored all my free throws with a “Swisshh”. I have been praying, and painting my nails purple. me and jenna made some desserts and made chocolate covered pretzels! we saved one for you dont worry! I hope all the people in Guatemala are doing great. I started the beautiful creatures book.. and its really good so far! i also finished fault in our stars 🙂 i got that book plus another (the second book to the gregor series) with Gma Val and makenzie. i cant wait for you to come home! ive missed you! ily mom ❤

    • WOW! thats amazing girl… So proud of you and so sad I missed it . We are all doing good.. mmmmm chocolate pretzels sound so good. Going shopping today and then on the plane tomorrow love you

  18. I am dying laughing over here at the Curtis house. Kevin’s mom just sent me a text asking me “who this Pat person was”. I assumed it was your Pat and that he had posted on Kevin’s blog. Ha! After I read it I realized why she asked! Our boys are crazy that’s for sure! You will have to check it out.

    Ok back to being serious…I hear you guys had a crazy night/day to begin with. Hopefully you guys got to another village and things go even more amazing. God obviously wanted you guys at a different village. Enjoy you last day tomorrow, shopping and final devo. Love you!!!

    • Ha! Kevin acts like he is not looking out ofr me but he totally is! I have to read his blog, but its so hard to get on here! We did get to a second village and that is where God needed us! I shared my testimony and I am not sure I would have at the other villlage, and the fact that everyone was saved. I cant wait to show you guys all the pics! I got some of Kevin holding a baby in teh orphanage. love you!

  19. Hello my friend who is learning her self worth and how Awesome she is!!!!! I miss you and am looking forward to hearing all about this trip soon and the whole time we are in Bama;) glad to hear you stayed healthy and hope that continues!!! Again I can’t say it enough how proud of you I am!!! Ross talked to Pat today and they were trying to arrange a date night for us but not sure what they came up with?!??? LOL anyway not long until you are home but I know it is so bittersweet to leave such an AMazing place where God is so very visible!!!
    Love you to pieces CUZ YOUR AMAZING JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!
    Praying nonstop
    💗💗💗 Jaimy Stevens

    • Love you to pieces too!, always makes me smile to read your comments. Tell your girls I hnded out thebralets and I took pictures of them as well! all of the kids loved them! xoxo

  20. Ok….so I feel so bad….if I would’ve just followed the blog all the way down, I would’ve seen that I can write you. Last time, all your names were on the right side so it was easy to see! I’m SO sorry I haven’t written! You must think your best friend forgot about you! I didn’t, my love. We’ve been praying for you and the team. Can’t wait to hear the stories and all God has done. And the pictures too…can’t wait to see them! Haven’t seen the kids much…just that one day. But Im sure they’re doing fine! 😉 Anyway, can’t wait to see you Monday and hear the stories.
    I love you girl,
    Your sis and bestie ;),

    • Oh Sarah thats funny! you should have asked Kaden how to write on the blog! I t hought that was so sweet that he wrote me! How did he even know to get on here? Things are going good. I got sick a little on Wed night but I am feeling much better.. Thanks for helpling on TUesday with the kids, I was so stressed when I heard there was a snow day ha! So many stories to tell with not a lot of time to write. Very bittersweet saying goodbye to all the people, makes your heart hurt for sure. But I know I will be back, and you will be with me next time! love you cant wait to see you! Oh and dont tell deb, but there is no way I could do her workout plan!

  21. Hi there,
    I totally would’ve asked Kaden, however he didnt even tell me he did it! So I was just as surprised as you were when I saw him on your blog! So cute that he did that. I’m sure Taylor told him how to do it and how to get on here. Anyway, Hope your last day is going well and can’t wait to talk to ya tomorrow!
    Love you

    • Last day went great, went shopping now wer are just packing up. Cant wait to hug you! Thank you for praying adn blogging it means so much to me

  22. I love reading all of your posts! So thankful that you are being forever changed and listening to God! He loves you so much, and He thinks you are worth every second of His time! I can’t wait to hear about the trip and how God was working! Praying for tonight as you nail the piece of you to the cross that you want God to forever take from you and have control of! Love you!!

    • Lots of tears this week. And lots to work on when I get home. It made me cry when I read your sentence about nailing that piece of myself to that cross, The human nature in me wnats to hold it in and control it myself.Thank you for the reminder that God is in control. Tonight will be so hard and I appreciate you praing for me. xoxoxo

  23. Hey everyone! We are packing up and getting ready to do our last night of devotions! So bittersweet but in our downtime I began to really miss home.. My heart kinda hurts and Its time to come home… Thank you to all who wrote on this blog, you have no idea how much it means to me. It got me through some very tough times this week where God was tellingme to move forward and I was resisting. I cant wait to share how God has spoke to me and how he told me that HE LOVES ME and is always there for me. Please pray for safe travels. love all of you

  24. Thank you for your testimony you shared 2 years ago when you came. By that I am here and I am forever grateful! Thank you for our intimate talks that have brought me closer to Jesus Christ,.there is a bond I have with you from going with you on this trip and feeling the Holy Spirit work in Amazing ways together that will never go away! I love you Arica Anne!

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