Austin Ambrose


5 thoughts on “Austin Ambrose

  1. Hey Austin, glad to hear the whole clan arriced safely. Im praying that God blesses you with many life changing experiences. Although going to Guatamala is an experience of it’s own. I hope you have a great time and that you will be come closer to God. Enjoy every moment of it, and have fun! Praying for you, and I hope to hear some of your stories when you get back.! -Kasey

  2. Hi Austin – Can’t wait to see you when you get back and hear the stories you have to share. Keep living and sharing The Story of God! – Pastor Jim

  3. Hey Austin–I trust you are having a wonderful time. Keep up the good work, enjoy your last medical clinic. Know that there are many people praying for you and the team. Can’t wait to hear your stories when you get back.

  4. Im having a wonderful time thanks scott. the last medical clinic was great. And i love to know that there are people praying for our team members.

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