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  1. Be safe but more importantly go forward with passion to be used by God and keep his Son in your eyes during this mission. May it even be a more growing experience for you and those around you. You’re Mother and I am very proud and honored by what you are doing.
    Love you, your Dad

    • Thank You so much! I got teary eyed reading this knowing that you both have laid the foundation for me to accept Jesus as my personal Savior and now I am helping to spread the word of Jesus Christ to these sweet people in Guatemala! We build a home for our family in 2 days!!! I never knew I had such great talent with power tools 🙂 I DO NOT like to mud dry wall though…the sanding is not fun! It was worth it today when we sat in the house we build with our Guatemalan family and gave them gifts and was able to present the message of Jesus Christ to them. I have never experienced the power of the holy spirit as I did today. The family wanted to asked Jesus into their hearts and lives. We placed our hands on them as they kneeled on the ground and accepted God’s perfect gift! We have gotten to know the family and grown to love them so much!
      I love you all and am so honored to be your daughter! I will see you soon and tell you more about our amazing trip!

      • Your mother and I read your responses while we were waiting for our plane in Minnesota, I’m not sure what people thought when we were sobbing while reading the info on my phone. Yes it is life changing when you have an effect on somebodies life with God’s great promise of hope for eternity. Thank-you for being used by God, he just wants us all to have the humble heart of a servant. I will tell you later about our 7 hour wait on the plane in Minnesota during a snow storm we finally made it down here in Mexico but without luggage. I don’t think anyone will sit next to us for breakfast tomorrow in clothing that can now standup by themselves. Will see you soon, Love Dad and Mom.

    • Oh that is so funny! I hope you are enjoying your time away in the sun!
      I cant wait to share with you the stories when I get home…a wole village came to Christ last night! Love you…have a great trip…xoxo

  2. Where to begin… I sure do miss you! Kaia has asked about you every morning. Always the same response when I say you are gone, “I like mom”. Casen and Raeleigh fight for the opportunity to open the letters you left them. They LOVE the silly poems on the back.

    A 2 hour delay for school today was annoying yet turned out to be a really great morning. Kaia went with my parents to a doctor appointment when the kids left for school and then played with Chloe at my moms the rest of the day. I’m getting nothing done at work…. oh, well.
    NEWS FLASH*>*> Casen just came upstairs from bed with no shirt on, a sweaty glaze on his body and slightly out of breath he says,” hey dad, I’ve been practicing my dunking downstairs. I’m getting really good at it!” He doesn’t realize he will only be around 5’5″!!!!
    Oh, and Kaia is singing the Frozen songs in her room right now. As for Raeleigh, she has been a huge help and really great at listening and keeping things ‘put together’. I also caught her singing loudly in her room shortly after putting her in bed. She has your voice for sure!

    We pray for you and the team several times a day. For God to work through all of you, for safety and health, and for a safe return. We love you very much and you are very missed at home!
    Tomorrow it’s the kids turn to write, so beware…

    • I dont know where to even begin with the amazing experience I have already have! I have never felt the Holy Spirit more than I have today! We build a home for Juan and his family and grown to fall in love with them! They were so appreciative of all the work we had done for them and today we got to present the with gifts and share the gospel with them. With tears streaing down my face I laid my hands on this family as they all accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior! This is why God called me here…for this sweet family and to change my heart forever!
      Eric…I miss you so much and being away from you makes me realize how amazing of a husband and father you are! I look up to you and am so in love with you! Thank you for all you are doing for our family to make this trip possible for me!
      Raeleigh my sweet Raeleigh…I am just about to go open your letter. We didnt have our suitcase for the last 3 days and we just got it back tonight. Im glad you like my silly poems 🙂 Please help daddy while I am gone and I will see your beautiful face soon. I love you so very much and cant wait to smooch you.
      Casen…my big handsome boy. How are you doing while I am gone? I heard your a good slam dunker 🙂 Cant wait to play with you when we get home and give you a big hug. I love you Casen Reid Woodwyk.
      Kaia my silly big brown eyed girl…I miss my little sid-kick. You make me laugh every day! A little girl here reminded me of you and I got teary eyed because I miss you.

      I will try to check this again in a couple day. I love and miss you all so very much! God has richly blessed me with my sweet family!

  3. Prayers for you on this great adventure!! Day 2 of house building hope all is going smoothly can’t wait to hear how dedication day went and how many babies you fell in love with:)

  4. Hi mom this is Raeleigh,
    I love you and I miss you. I am wondering if you found my note I sent with you. It’s in the very front of the suitcase if you haven’t found it yet. We are having fun at home with dad but we really miss you.
    Can’t wait to see you,
    Love Raeleigh

    • I got your note and I love it…yes my favorite color still is green! What have you been doing since I have been gone? I heard you had a 2 hour delay because of all the snow. It is very hot here. You would love all the children here. They are so sweet and love to play! I have been french braiding the girls hair. I love you sweet girl! xoxo

  5. Casens turn,
    I wish you could come back now mom, I miss you more and more. I love you more, I love you more in a tore. I love you really much. Did you build the house for the kids?
    Bye, love you

    • Casen…I miss you too! I did get to build a house for my family…we did it in 2 days!!! I will show you pictures when we get back. I hope you are having fun while I am away and enjoying all the letters I wrote you guys! I will see you soon…love you Casen!

  6. Now Kaia,
    um, A I E. um, I don’t know. The suns goes up today. um…. moon go up.
    ok, now I’m coaching her.
    I love mom, miss mom lots, are you coming home tomorrow? Night night.

    She’s a little wired tonight, Kortneys cookies!!! She asks every morning if you’re home yet and every time I pick her up from someones house. She loves you.

    I hope you’re not too homesick and I pray all is going smooth. We miss you a lot over here and can’t wait to see you!
    Love you

    • Oh Kaia you are so funny! You know that the Sun you are looking at is the same Sun mommy is looking at here in Guatemala?!?! It is amazing to think that the God that is working so powerfully here is the same God that is working at home. I miss you Kaia. I miss your singing and your silly faces. I cant wait to give you a big hug and kiss when I get home. I will show you lots of pictures. See you in 3 days!!!

  7. We can’t wait to hear what you’ve been doing. The kids miss you tons. We check this like 10 times a night because Raeleigh ‘has’ to know before going to bed if you have responded.

    We love you a ton and miss you like crazy!

    Also, Tell Sabrina that Kevin left a message for her, not under her name, but under a reply from the Home Page titled TEAM ARRIVED! Figured she would like to see it>

    Love you

  8. I love reading your comments!! It makes me feel like I am right back there again! I agree that I have never felt the Holy Spirit as much as being in Guatemala! Soak it all up, keep a journal so you never forget how you felt here and how it changes you! Love you, and I can not wait to hear ALL about your trip!!

    • Sandy, there are NO words to describe this experience. When I walked out of our home I just said…Wow I have Never expierenced the Holy Spirit like I did in that house!!! It is amazing! I cant wait to experience the medical clinics today! Thank you for your prayers! Love you!

  9. I also LOVED reading your comments made me tear up to hear them and it brought back so many memories!!!! Enjoy the medical clinics hopefully you guys can really connect with the village that makes it even more fun 😉
    Hugs to you

  10. I love reading all of your responses. Makes me wish that I had gone also! I am glad that you finally get to experience something as moving and as powerful as this trip. I know, getting to know the people and experiencing everything first hand, that this will leave an imprint on your heart but, I smile when I think of all the people that got to know ‘you’ as well. You are one-of-a-kind and I am glad that God chose you, for me, in 3rd grade! I am blessed to have you as my wife and I am happy that you get to be a blessing to the people you are serving and interacting with.

    The kids smothered me on the couch when I told them you sent some messages. Casen blushed when you commented on his ‘Dunking’ skills and Raeleigh lit up when you answered her question about your favorite color! Kaia, well, I think she thought that what I was reading was just me talking to her…. but she asked me 3 times today if you were home because I got your car back from being fixed and she took that as you being home! She searched the house for you!

    Everything is going great here. Huge wind storm today so you know what our fence looks like!!! The kids have been amazing all week! Listening, helping and excellent attitudes!

    We continue to pray for you and the team, for safety and health, for open and loving hearts, and for God to move through each of you to show others Christs love!

    YOU ARE MISSED, a lot!!!
    We Love you Very much

    oh, and I very mush dislike grocery shopping…. don’t ask me prices because I don’t use coupons or look for deals! 😉

    Night babe

    • Oh Eric it sounds like you are doing so awesome with the kids while I am gone and you dont even know what that does to a mom’s heart!!! You are an amazing husband and father…I am extremely blessed!
      Yesterday we took a bumpy, long 3 1/2 hour drive to get to a village to do medical clinics. We got to play with the kids for hours while the medical clinics were going on. I even got in on a game of soccer…I knew if you were here you would be playing soccer with the kid’s Eric 🙂 We painted nails, played frisbee and ball with the kids. They LOVED it! We got to give them candy and gifts. We were swarmed! They dont have anything here so one little toy is a huge deal for them. Arica got mauled in a crowd and I couldnt see her but all I heard was her saying Help…Help! 🙂
      I made a connection with one of the moms in the village. She loved me because I kept giving her smarties 🙂 She is precious!
      After the clinics were done, they sat and watched the Jesus movie and when it was done we sang for them. There are no words to describe how Amazing it is to sing your heart out for God and look up into the Guatemalan sky and know God is right there with us. Some shared testimonies…they were so touching. Hermano Jesus shared the message of Jesus Christ to the Village and when he was done the village came up, got on their knees and cried out to God to save them. With tears rolling down my face I placed my hands on a little girl who was bowing down accepting Christ into her life. Even though I dont know what they are crying out to God, it was amazing to look around and see that a whole village is changed for eternity. We passed out bibles to them and the lady I made a connection with gave me a hug and wouldnt let go. She and I both cried tears of happiness. Those are the moments that will imprint my heart forever!!!
      I miss you all so much! There was the sweetest little girl that we played with last night that reminded me of Kaia. Makes me miss her so much!
      Raeleigh, Casen & Kaia…I am so proud of you for being so good for Daddy! Mommy loves you so much and cant wait to see you at the airport! We are going to do another medical clinic today. Our van rides are long but we make it fun by making up silly songs 🙂
      I will try to write to you tomorrow again before we leave for the market…Love you more and more everyday! xoxo

      • I am crying just thinking about the feeling of God’s presence in the village! What an amazing experience! The people of this village will forever remember you too! It will be such an amazing reunion to see them all again when we get to heaven! Can’t wait to hear all about the trip! Praying for a fun day of shopping today, and praying for a life changing experience tonight….

        Have a safe trip home! Love you!!

  11. Glad it took me 2 days before you get home to realize I could write you…what?!?
    Miss you something fierce! My best friend is in another country feels a bit like a massive part of my heart is absent! I read you are having the most amazing experience and I can’t wait to hear about it when you get back! Open your heart of hear what God has to say these last couple days! I’m so proud of you…and kinda jeleous of your experience 🙂
    Your family is doing awesome, Eric and josh had a dad date last night and im looking forward to spending the morning with Rae tomorrow! Eric’s doing so great with the kids, you would be proud! I love you so much and miss you like crazy…

    • Oh Kelli…thank you for posting on here. It means so much to me. There are NO WORDS to describe how powerful the Holy Spirit is working here. I never knew why God called me here but I knew I had to listen to His call. Now I am seeing why…the village that fell to their knees and cried out to God to save them…that is why I am here. The 15 year old boy Juan and his father that we built a home for a grew to love that accepted Christ with tears streaming down their face…that is why I am here, my heart that is forever changed by these sweet people…that is why I am here! I cant wait to share all the amazing stories with you. I love you and I am forever grateful that God placed you in my life!!!!

  12. Carisa–I’m glad this trip is touching you in ways you’ve never experienced before. Know that there are many people praying for you and the rest of the team. As you go into the last medical clinic and then devo’s tomorrow night enjoy the experience.

  13. Hey Carisa! I am glad to hear things are going well!!! It sounds like God is using you to make a BIG impact with the Guatemalan people! I am excited to hear the stories when you get back! We have been praying for all of you!

    • Thank you Pat! I have never felt the Holy Spirit more than I have on this trip. My heart is forever changed and so is all the sweet Guatemalan people who fell down on their knees to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. I am honored God called me here to have an impact for His kingdom! Cant wait to share all the amazing stories with you when we get home!!!

  14. Hi love,
    So proud you followed Gods calling for you there. I’m sure it’s hard to be away from family, but so worthwhile being there. So life changing! Can’t wait to see you and hear stories about the families there!
    Love you!

    • Thank you Sarah! The experience I have had here is hard to put into words. The Holy Spirit is at work here and I am amazed at the power of prayer! It is amazing to kneel down next to these Guatemalan people as they cry out to God to save them. I am forever Changed by God through this trip and I am so glad I answered that call even though I didnt fully understand why He wanted me here. I cant wait to share all the stories with you when I get home. I love you Sarah!

  15. Raeleigh…how was basketball camp? Did you have a fun Saturday? We are going to the market today to buy souviners!!!
    Casen…Did you go to Sylvan today? What fun things have you been doing since I have been gone? I am going to buy souviners today 🙂
    Kaia…Are you still being mommy’s silly girl? I love you and cant wait to see you in a few days at the airport!
    Eric…I miss you so much! I hope you had a fun night last night! I cant wait to see you on Monday! Today we pack up for home after we got to the market to buy souviners. I love you!!!

    • Raeleigh said she had fun at basketball. Her team won the shooting competition and won a gatorade! Scott S. said she listens and learns really quick and got the hang of doing a proper layup really quick.
      Casen didn’t have sylvan on Saturday, I switched it to Thursday so we could have a more relaxed back Saturday. They played outside for quite a while and then Scott came over with the kids. They had a blast.
      Kaia is stil her crazy self. A little bit of sugar and she starts talking in her own little language and expects others to comply!! She’s just funny.

      Yes, Last night was fun. The kids have been great and we still have a dog and a fish! I had to put that in there.

      We all miss you like crazy! I can’t wait to pack the kids up on Monday and go to the airport! I’m already planning my Monday so it goes smoothly and, well, I’m kinda excited. I think that if I get all the stuff laid out and ready to go that it may come faster… Not so I guess

      Have a great time at the market! Love You!!!

  16. I wanted to tell you that I am so proud of you! THis trip has been amazing. I love How God shows us through experiences his love for us. I am so thankful for you and our friendship. I love you

  17. We are all packed and ready to wake up early to leave for the airport. I am so excited to see my family but I am going to miss our powerful devotionals at night. I am growing so much from them! Looking back over the week brings me to tears! The lives that are changed forever for eternity, the sweet children that embraced me and didnt want me to ever go, my heart that is forever changed from this trip! Thank you Lord Jesus for picking me to go on this trip…I am extremely blessed by this experience!

    • We are all prepared for MOM on MONDAY! Everything is set, prepared and ready for the arrival of my better half and the amazing mother of my 3 kids!
      Kaia just asked for you at 10PM tonight…I told her you come in tomorrow and we had better get to sleep so she gets here fast!!! yup, she went straight to bed!

      I picked the kids up after church today and As He, Casen, is about to run up the stairs he yells,” I’m going to go get mom!” He thought you were helping with the kids. He realized it and came back laughing.

      And Raeleigh, well, She is just too smart, like her mom. And like her mom, She has been a tremendous help this past week!

      This was an amazing experience for me as well! I got to see how much our kids adore their mom. They way they talk about her, the memories they recalled this past week, the silly/fun things she does for them during the day and not to mention what she can do with the girls ‘hair’!!! And even beyond that what she did before she left, she had all the kids outfits for the entire time prepared for each day. Yeah, 3 kids, 8 days equals 24 outfits, including shoes!!! As well as having several meals pre-made for us! I am Blessed!!!

      You are an amazing mom and wife and we look forward to your homecoming with great joy and happiness!

      See you soon! My 3rd grade sweetheart!

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