Ellen Scripsema


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  1. Girl I have been praying for you guys like crazy and I am so glad you guys made it there safely. I hope your first night sleeping in the village went well and today you guys kick butt at building the frame of your house. Take care of Kevin for me and more importantly JOURNAL!!! You don’t want to forget anything that happens while you are there!!!!

    • Thank you for the prayers!!! We’ve been keeping a watchful eye on him, he keeps us laughing for sure! Anywho, the first night was a little touch and go with the crowing and barking and ….snoring but night 2 AND 3 IN THE VILLAGE were much better. Prob from being so tired from working:)
      Cant wait to share more with you. TTY soon! Keep the prayers coming. 🙂

  2. We’re back at base and have had an amazing time spent in the village praying, worshipping, and seeing the homes we built dedicated today alongside the families that will live in them. The contentment with the little they have is indescribable. Tomorrow we head to another village for the medical clinics. We arrived at base a couple hours ago, had dinner, and HOT showers…YEAH!!! MOM and DAD Scripsema, if you can see this, can you forward the blog link to my parents @ abbiedor@yahoo.com

  3. Hi Ellen,
    We are so glad to hear from you and Marc. It sounds like an amazing experience. We’ll keep on praying for all of you and forward this to your parents.
    Love, Mom & Dad S.

  4. Hey Ellen thinking about you and Mark during this awesome adventure!Can’t wait to hear about your journey that god has lead you on! Xoxo

  5. Hi Ellen,
    Glad to hear all is going well and that your team is accomplishing so much. We are glad you can use your medical skills as well. Looks like you all have special gifts to share for God’s Kingdom. You are all such a blessing and our prayers are with you all.

    All is going well here at home too. All transfers came off without a hitch and the kids had fun at Adrienes, plus an Allendale school’s snow day on Tuesday. They miss you and Marc, but are doing just fine. 🙂

    Mom and Dad

    • Mom and Dad
      So good to hear from you. Last night was our first medical clinic in a remote village. We gave medicine to many families and showed the Jesus Film after which we sang and several shared testimonies. The pastor Hermano Jesus preached and although we could not understand him except for a few words, it was very moving. Many came to Christ! We traveled back to the base and arrived back about 11:30 last nite. Right to bed. 🙂 Another day at a village today – today I’m looking forward to passing the torch in the clinic and playing with the kids. 🙂 The kiddos are so beautiful!After breakfast, planning to walk down to the orphange and snuggle. We love you all and cannot wait to see you! We miss the kids incredibly and cannot wait to see their smiling faces. Lots of scrolling through the pics on my phone and missing them. Love you and see you very soon!!!!!

      Hugs and Kisses

  6. Hey girl-sounds like everything is going great! We have been praying for the team day and night. Continue to do great things through Christ!

  7. Hi Ellen – You and Mark are a great team. So glad that you both went on this adventure together to serve. Can’t wait to see the two of you again and to hear your stories. May God bless you! – Pastor Jim

  8. Thanks for keeping an eye on Kevin and it sounds like their may be a life saving story to be heard at some point!!? Praying that the first medical clinic was amazing and that many gave their lives to Christ. Also praying that you will all stay healthy so that you can enjoy every part of this experience. Only 2 more sleeps until we get to see you all again. Enjoy!!!!

  9. Mom and Dad V – would love to hear a few words from the kids, miss them so much. I know they’re in great hands and loving all the time spent with Grandma, Grandpa and Abbie of course. 🙂

    • Mikaela says: “I love you mom! Snuggling with Grandma and watching the Croods for movie night. Having a fun time. Miss you and dad.”

      Caden says: “Haven’t done band bracelets yet, hoping to tomorrow. Watched Turbo and Turbo won. xoxoxoxo. Can’t think of anything more. Miss you, bye.

  10. Ellen–I trust you are having a wonderful time. Keep up the good work, enjoy your last medical clinic. Know that there are many people praying for you and the team. Can’t wait to hear your stories when you get back.

  11. Ellen- I can not wait to hear of your amazing God adventures! Only one more day…. I’m sure it went by so fast! Soak in all the Jesus you can and NEVER forget that feeling! It is going to spread through Allendale like wildfire! See ya soon! Bless on…

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