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  1. Praying for you and the kids!!! What an experience to share this with 4 of your kids!!! I bet Anna is just loving on all the little kids in the village!! Hope the house building is going smooth!!
    Love you ALL

  2. Hi Hubby!
    I sure do miss you, and so does little Gracie, and the kids! We have been major working on cleaning and organizing the house. Every closet, cupboard, and every nook and cranny is getting some cleaning. Haven pulled herself up to standing twice yesterday. Mon. we had a snow storm and got about 6 inches of snow. We didn’t go to BSF- way too dangerous. On Tues. night we worked on school and cleaning all day, then at night went went to Fazolis for supper (Haven LOVED the breadsticks), and then to 5 Below so the girls could buy Ashley and Peyton birthday presents. We all agreed that it was super fun! But, on the way home, Riley, who was driving, hit a cat. It just jumped out from in between the snow banks. It happened so fast that Riley couldn’t swerve in time to avoid it. The cat didn’t die right away (it lived about a half hour) and kept lifting its head to look at us. It was heart breaking. So, I brought the girls and Ethan home, then Ry and I went back. The girls cried and cried- Chaisley kept telling Riley what a bad driver he was , and why did he have to be so mean? POOR RILEY. He got sick after coming home from the retreat, and lost his voice- he also was disappointed that he didn’t get to lead worship there. Now this- he felt awful. He has seemed so down today. Anyway, Chaisley wrote him a card and apologized when she found out how bad he felt about it all. We went to all the houses near where the cat died to try to find the owner, but we were unsuccessful- although I am sure it was a pet cat, because it was a long haired, beautiful calico. Tomorrow Riley is going to Jackson to compete in a car fixing contest, which will award him scholarships if he does well. I have to drop him off to tech at 5:00 a.m., and pick him up at 5:00 p.m. Praying that he does well, and has fun! Also, Ethan has his Dr. Mann appt. Everything here has been good, the kids have been super helpful! You are in our prayers, and I am praying specifically for you, that God will bring rest and renewal to your soul and even to your body (although I know it is hard work). I love you so much! You are the most unselfish, and genuine person I know…. and you are mine! Miss you! Teresa

  3. You are in our thoughts and prayers!! Have a great dedication day and may your hands and heart be God’s instruments to those around you! Thanks for taking the opportunity to go and be a willing servant in the Gospel!

  4. Hi Jeff! I can’t wait to hear how dedication day went! I hope you have a minute to write before the medical clinic tomorrow! I have been praying all day for the people of San Ramon. I hope they all found the Lord today- the ones you built for, anyway. We had a whirlwind kind of day. Riley and I had to get up early to be at the Tech center on time for his field trip (we woke up at 3:30 a.m.). Then, I came home and cleaned the house, took care of Haven, and did school until noon. Then, I brought Kadence to Dr. Bush- she had an ear infection. Next- to Dr. Mann for a pre-op appt., then to Ethan’s speech therapist, Amy. Then, we went to pick up the antibiotic prescription (which wasn’t ready- your dad picked it up for me after he got out of work). Then, on to the Tech center to pick up Riley by 5:00 p.m. Next, back to church for praise team practice. Riley is going to be on adult praise team on Sunday! How sweet of Lori Bond to think of him! He had a great and fun field trip today, too. He won all kinds of stuff (a hat, a sweatshirt, and a few more things). Ahhh…. good to have Riley happy again!!! Dr. Mann gave Ethan a printout of his skull with and without the implant. He showed Ethan where the implant will fit. He told Ethan that he would probably come out of the surgery with two eyes that will be swollen shut, and that they might stay that way for days or even a week or more. Ethan seemed fine during the appt., but on the way home, I asked him how he was feeling, and he said that he was scared. I told him that you and I would be in the waiting room, but Jesus would be right beside him. Anyway, he seemed to be o.k. after that- we went and got ice cream to “celebrate” how brave he had been! Today, the girls have been perfect- very helpful and sweet. Chaisley cleaned and organized Dr. Mann’s whole waiting room. Haven has been full of giggles and smiles (even though she spent much time in her car seat today). She pulled herself up to standing several times today! She is so proud of herself! Kadence has hardly complained- even though she has an ear infection. We have had Lots of rain coming down all day today- it has made a sloppy, thick mess of everything. Everything is flooded. But, tonight, everything is supposed to freeze, and be awful by morning. I am happy that Terry Sikema built our house up, so it is not flooding! I hope the Buckley’s house is o.k. (they have the flu right now- poor things)!

    I will keep praying for you! May God do miracles at the up and coming medical clinics! I love you!

    • Teresa, I finally have a minute on the computer. We all made it through the house building phase of this trip and we built 5 houses in 2 days. The dedications were amazing! Every family member that was presented to accepted Jesus! Unfortunately, Chandler’s family was not able to be there at all so we prayed over their house and the WJQ team will do the dedication next Friday. Apparently here in Guatemala it is very difficult to get time off from work and if you miss work you lose your job.

      I really miss you guys! I hope that Haven doesn’t learn to walk and finish high school before I get home! When I see the chickens here it makes me think about Ethan, he would love it here. I wish that Riley could have come he would have really enjoyed the people of San Ramon. There are lots of kids in the village. Kadence and Chaisley would love playing with the girls. They are really had fun getting their nails painted and coloring pictures with crayons.

      I hope that you are sleeping good at night. If you are missing my snoring, I am getting a triple dose of it for you. Dan even passed out ear plugs to anybody who wanted them.

      Today we go to the 1st medical clinic. Unfortunately Arianna, Parkere and I are sick. CJ was feeling sick yesterday but it may have been the heat and driving combined. Chandler seems to be OK but he looked really tired. Please pray for strength and healing for us so that we can carry out the work that God sent us to do!

      I have to go now because there are a lot of people waiting to use the computer to blog.

      I love you and miss you tons! Hopefully we can come here together someday.


      ps: we are trying to keep Kevin Parker out of trouble!

  5. I love you! Thank you for writing this morning. I will be praying for you guys to be refreshed and renewed with physical strength to do His work! Yes, I would LOVE to come to Guatemala…and soon! Maybe our whole family? Ask Dan if it is safe to bring Haven?!?
    We are sleeping well over here- Haven stretches out both arms (like she is on vacation). Kadence and Chaisley sleep on either side of her while I bring Riley to school. He is being very responsible around here! The weather has been very stormy since you left- see Parker’s blog. Char has got paperwork around for us to get going on adopting the girls. Dr. Bush was very supportive and excited for us- this was a relief for me, as I am still worried about others’ opinions.
    I am praying Titus 3:5 for you guys….that the Holy Spirit is poured out upon you generously.
    Please pray for Kevin Fiebig and family, as Sarah has gone missing….
    Love you so much!

    • Teresa, it was disappointing for us to have to stay back from the 1st medical clinic today but we are all feeling quite a bit stronger now and I hope that tomorrow we will be at full strength. The worst part is that Dan thinks we have the flu not a bug from the water so we can’t go to see the kids in the orphanage. Today a woman came to the base with a 4 lb baby seeking Dan’s help and prayers. The baby did not have a name yet. The mother wept as we prayed for her baby and thanked us over and over.

      I am glad to hear that things are going good at home. I sure miss you guys, especially today as we had some time to sit around and recoup. Dan gave us little booklets called “My Heart- Christ’s Home” to read and I saw a really good quote in it–“Don’t be disappointed that you cannot do much for God. It’s not our ability but our availability that is important. Give what you are to Christ. Be sensitive and responsive to what he wants to do. Trust him. He will surprise you with what he can do through you.”

      I am also praying for Kevin and his family and I hope that they have been able to find Sarah! What a terrible thing to have to go through!

      The team is not back yet and probably won’t be back until around midnight. Arianna and Parker have already gone to bed and I will be going to bed soon. By all reports Parker worked really hard on his family’s house and he once again was the center of attention with the kids. They loved playing Flappy Birds on his phone and would all count out the number of barriers he could pass with out hitting them. Most of them could only get past one or two. One small boy crashed immediately and burst into tears. Everyone else encouraged him to try again and he was OK.

      I am praying for you guys and I can’t wait to see you again! Give everybody kisses from Dad.



      • Hi Jeff!
        I am glad you are getting back some strength! It is weird- since I sat down at the computer, WJQ keeps playing “Guatemala” songs- “The Great I AM”, now “Until the whole World Hears” (the one that says, “Ready yourselves”). I am so excited to hear about the families accepting Christ. Wish I could have been there! The Flappy Birds story about the boy bursting into tears is so sweet. They don’t seem to take things for granted there like we do here! The girls worked on the bonus room today, and I told them that I would bring them to see the movie, Frozen. We headed out after supper to see the movie at Celebration Cinema, but only got to Lk. Mi Drive and 48th, before I thought better of it. I don’t think I can ever been on such icy roads ever. It was like someone took a Zamboni to them. Accidents everywhere- there were car parts strewn all over the place on 68th near Pingree- a car’s trunk, a sub woofer, etc. Many multi- car pile ups, and the highway (I96) shut down in places. So, I turned around, went to Walgreens, and bought popcorn and brownies, and we spread out blankets on the floor by the fireplace. We watched an African Safari movie that we had rented from the library a few days ago. It was a really cool movie. Haven kept making lion roaring sounds, and elephant sounds. We all agreed that it was much more fun than the theater. It is neat that you found those words in your devotional today. I know that to be so true- that availability and a willing heart is all that God needs. Thank you, Jeff, for living that principle to our children to see! I am so excited to get started on paperwork here and get moving. Can’t wait to see what God has in store!
        Love, Teresa
        PS They found Sarah- I think she needs prayers, poor thing.

      • Teresa, I really miss you and I can’t wait to show you the book I started to read this morning. It is kinda like “Love Does”. It has so many things that apply to our opportunity. By the way I slept a long time last night and very deeply so I had some dreams. In one of my dreams I was walking through a museum with a small black baby in my arms and several young black girls. At one point the oldest girl told me that others had started before but nobody had carried on and finished. That dream really hit me this morning and then I started reading the book that I got off the table at church called “In a pit with a lion on a snowy day”. I think that I am getting multiple confirmations at the same time.

        I can’t write a very long note today because Arianna is hanging over my shoulder saying come on Dad don’t write a long one I have to get on there.

        Everybody is feeling a lot better this morning and we are all going to the medical clinic today. Pray for big things – it is a larger village of about 60 families. Tell all of the kids I said that I miss them – give Riley a hug for me and the girls a few tickles and kisses.

        I Love You!


  6. Hi Super Dad — Take care of the gang on the trip with you. It will be great to see you when you return. It Snoweth much in Michigan – You are most awesome. – Pastor JIm

  7. Jeff,
    I got word that you caught the flu on your trip, I am sending prayers your way and i hope that you are enjoying every day you spend there.

    Rest up and stay say I can’t wait to here about your trip!

  8. Hi dad … I hope you are doing great (and feeling great).We now have a few more cats in our house (precious had her kittens!) I also found two more Nancy Drew books for us to read. I hope you have a great time over there! But don’t stay forever. Haha bye dad. Kadence

    • I love you sweetie and I miss you a lot! Arianna doesn’t appreciate the tickles as much as you do and I’m sure that Haven will have to practice her screeching when I get home. See you soon.

  9. Hi Jeff, Today was good. We got come good work done around here, Riley cleaned the garage, and did some laundry. Ethan and the girls helped a lot. Precious had 3 healthy looking kittens, and she is proud of them! I’m praying “Big Things” for the medical clinic. Can’t wait to hear the good news!!!!

    • Teresa, I had a big long reply written to tell you about our change of plans today but these computers have minds of their own and whole messages get lost. It is about midnight and I need to go to bed now. Everybody is feeling much better today and everyone in the village came forward tonight. The crazy thing is that it was not the village that we were supposed to go to. Those people would not let us in. God had other plans for us today

      • Yes, I remember this exact thing happening when I was there. Maybe you should all get together and lay hands on them! Anyway, if you have time this morning then write, otherwise, enjoy Antigua! Keep a good eye on Arianna!
        Love You!
        PS Riley is on the adult praise team this morning!

      • The exact thing I was talking about I was talking about (see earlier post) was the computers breaking down and erasing my messages- you should lay hands on the COMPUTERS!

  10. Jeff, If you see a small Guatemalen magnet (the size of my Russian one), will you get one to replace the lost one that I used to have. That is the ONLY thing I would like. Thank You!

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