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  1. I’m going to be the first person to write on your blog. Not sure if you will get this before Thursday but just know you have been and will continue to be prayed for. I love you so much and am so excited for what God has planned with the trip! Talk to you soon!

  2. Hey babe its me again…. I ‘ve been praying for you like crazy the last two days and hope you are enjoying every moment so far. So we got tons of snow again last night and the kids had a 2 hour delay today that turned into a snow day. Jaimy is taking the kids while I work and the Stevens, Jones, and our kids are going to build a massive snow man outside of Station 45. (Jess’s crazy idea). Anyways, I love you and hope you guys kick booty on framing today.

  3. Praying for you I can’t wait to hear your updates and how it is all going:) watched your kids for a bit yesterday( they were awful) just kidding they were great and we had fun building a snowman as your wife said!!! Hope the building is going smooth and praying for dedication day!!!!
    Take care of my nephews make sure they aren’t goofing off to much:) LOL
    Jaimy Stevens

  4. K – Do great things but please do not put up any walls without direct supervision from a knowledgeable builder. However, feel free to add a few dormers in random places to dress things up on your own. Enjoy the trip brother! God is planning great things!

      • Not a surpise that the first wall we put up in my house had to get taken apart and reattached…. I still think it was not my fault but who knows. Thanks for the post.

  5. Happy Wednesday night! I hear you guys finished your houses today and will be dedicating them first thing in the am. That’s great! I will be praying for the families and for the team!

    I had an awesome day at the pregnancy center. It was crazy busy! I had 2 regular appts and 2 tests (my first positive test). Loved every minute of it!!! Then tonight at church Frank the tank kicked our booties. I may not be able to get off the toilet tomorrow. ;0)

    Anyways, I love you tons and can’t wait to hear from ya!!! Sleep tight!

  6. hi daddy! i miss you. i can not wait until you get home. i hope you are having fun. bella really misses you she has been waiting at the window for you. did you find my card yet? i will see you at the airport on monday. love ya.

  7. Hi daddy I hope you are having a good time there. Did you get my card yet? I can’t wait until you get home on Monday. Michigan State is playing tonight and we will cheer them on for you. We will tell you tomorrow if they win. I love you.

    • Love you so much Kenedie. It brought a smile to my face when you told me that MSU was playing tonight. Love you tons and give Bella a kiss for me. Miss you tons

  8. Hi daddy! I miss you. Thanks for leaving the cheese dip for me. I haven’t eaten it yet though. What are you going to get me for my present? Please can you get me a machete??? See you monday! I love you! Go Green!!!!!!

  9. Hey babe! Sounds like your dedication day went well and that you guys are now on your way back to the base. I can’t wait to hear about the village and the dedication. It’s pouring here right now and supposed to freeze later tonight. Keeping my fingers crossed that there won’t be another snow day for the kids tomorrow. I visited your office today and brought them lunch. They said things are going good!

    Love ya and enjoy a nice shower, a little more comfortable bed and yummy food.

    • Hey Babe… Thanks for all the post. A lot of things going through my mind that I want to share but you know the ways down here. 30 peps and many people wanting to get on the computer. I love you tons and am having an unbelievable trip and now can understand your emotions and love for this place. PS – I got to see Henery today, I got a pic with him to give to Lily. It brought a tear to my eye when I saw him. Love you tons.

      • Mr. Kevin – Lily shared with the class at school today that you had a picture taken with Jenri. We are all very jealous! Praying for you and your team all week.

  10. Hey Kevin, thinking and praying for you. I hope that you have a splendid time while you are there, and that you will build many great memories! 🙂

  11. It sounds like the first three days of building was amazing! We can’t wait to hear all of your stories about the village! We will not stop praying for the next two villages to change the lives of many!!

  12. Hi Kevin
    Continuing my prayers for you and the whole team. Just reading thru lots of posts and it sounds as if God is working in amazing ways down there. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Your wife and kiddos are in my prayers too!

  13. Hey Kevin
    Sounds like you got a picture for you little neighbor girl 😉 Lily was VERY excited to hear that!!! She can’t wait to tell her teacher today that you saw Jenri. We continue to pray for you. Keep us updated as you can!! Proverbs 25:25

    • As soon as I saw him I thought of Lily. He was so happy to see the group. It brought a true smile to my face to get a pic with him! See ya soon

      • Awesome. Her teacher was excited to hear you got to see him. All the kids in Lily’s class can’t wait to see the picture. They all miss their classmate!!! Continued prayers for you, your team, and all the wonderful people of Guatemala.

  14. I know that today can be one of the hardest day because you gave so much spiritually yesterday. But know that you guys are covered in prayer and will continue to be today/tonight. Enjoy the medical clinics and the different experience. Be prepared for a spiritual battle and crazy things to happen. Love you and miss you tons!!! Only 3 more sleeps until we see you!! :0)

  15. hi daddy i mass you so dose bella when ever we say daddy she starts freaking out! michigan state won last night! i love ya and miss ya tons 🙂 :{) :{0

  16. hi daddy i mass you so dose bella when ever we say daddy she starts freaking out! michigan state won last night! i love ya and miss ya tons 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Thanks for the info on the MSU win. I miss you and twins so much. We have done unbelievable things down here for the people of the villages and God, so it has been so worth me being gone. We have one more medical clinic today and then we are finished with the work. Mrs. Schroeder loved your card and she said it made her cry know you are praying for her. Please continue to pray more for her and the whole group over the next few days. Love you tons. Hug Kaden and Kenedie 4 me.. 🙂

  17. Hey Kevin. Glad to hear things are going well. Reading through the blog is taking me right back to my trip a few years ago – great memories. I hope the medical clinics go well. Enjoy the BW’s in Antigua! Just kidding – that’ll have to wait til you get back. We’re praying for ya!

  18. Hey Kevin. Read your posts and sounds like God is moving. I am so happy that you went and I know that you will never be the same when you get back. So proud of the man, husband, and father that you are. Love you tons.

    • I am having an amazing trip and cant wait to tell you all about it. God definetely had a purpose for me to be here and that is very refreshing, I was thinking about you the other day when I noticed it was the 21st of Feb, sorry I could not call and tell you to smile through the day and that I was thinking about you. Hope your trip is going great. Love you and tell Dad I love him too.. Cheer on the Sparties 4 me.

  19. Hey Bro!!

    I have been thinking about you and praying for you all week. I know that God has touched you and used you mightily! I am excited to hear all about it. Love ya and am proud of you for going on this trip!

    Love ya, Jen

  20. KC, hope your doing great, no major losses on the home front. 🙂 Praying for you and look forward to talking to you when you get home.


  21. KEVIN – KEVIN>>>>>KEVIN>>>>>>>>WE MISS YOU NEIGHBOR BUDDY>>>>>>CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU — Capitol letters invoke emotion and loud voices —- Carry on – Be Cool. See you back home soon. – Pastor Jim

  22. Hey honey! Yeah it’s early here on a Saturday am and the kids still sleeping. And I’m drinking my coffee. You know my favorite time! ;0) The weather here yesterday was CRAZY but the kids did have school. We ended up going out to Grand Coney with Chris and Lily for dinner. The kids loved it! Oh and Kenedie is so excited because the father/daughter dance was cancelled last night so she thinks she has a chance now!

    I cannot wait to hear how your first medical clinic went and about the people who gave their lives to Christ. I hear several of the team members are sick and I am still praying specifically that you will stay healthy so you can get every experience. Praying for your last days that you will soak it all in. I love you so much! See you soon!

    • Good Morning babe. I hope you are having a great AM.. I think it is sat am here.. Crazy how lost I am without a phone or watch. Yesturday was a super crazy a long day. The med clinic was just as amazing as the house building. We ended up getting there a bit late due to traffic, roads, and a women showing up at the base wanting prayers and meds for her 1 month old child. She had not even named her yet because she was affraid that she was not going to make it, We surroundered her in prayer and she just balled, it broke my heart. The medical clinic was a long ways away from the base and man the roads were rough, but you know that already. Once we got there it was amazing. I ended up playing soccer with the kids the entire time and like me I was trying a bit too hard for being old and out of shape and took a couple falls on the concrete playing field. 🙂 Ended up rolling my ankle, not too bad though. I bet 80% of the village gave their life to Christ last night, if not more. It has been a trip I will never forget and forever will be changed. Pray for the team, the over health is good, a few have the bug but nothing major, yet. I am feeling great and pray that my health continues through the next few days. Pray for Kathy, I can tell she is really tired from giving it her all over the past many days. Love you tons and miss you and the kids more than I can tell you. Give them a kiss and a hug from me. And if it is Sat please make sure you get the family emotionally prepared for Tomorrow and I expect you to have them all dressed up in their MSU stuff at church. Just kidding, kind of. Cheer on the Sparties for me and I will see you in a few days. Love ya.

  23. Kevin–I am so glad you are getting to experience what many of us have. Please know there are many people praying for you and all of the team. Enjoy your last night of medical clinic and devos tomorrow night. I can’t wait to hear your stories.

  24. My sweet, sweet, baby Kevin…I miss you so. its been lonely without you around. But I am glad you are there!!! It sounds like you have been able to make a huge impact on the people there! I am excited to hear the stories when you get back!! We are praying for you guy!

    with love,

  25. Rise and shine it’s Sunday am and that means it’s shopping day for you!!!! I hear you guys had an interesting day/night with the original village you were supposed to go to. I prayed that God had other plans for you guys and that there was a reason He wanted you all at the other village. I can’t wait to hear more about it. Enjoy some Pollo Campero for me today! ;0)

    We will be cheering on your Sparties today but not sure I want the kids dressed in their gear for church. But I promise as soon as we get home. I think Jen and range girls are coming over to eat lunch and watch the game with us. Go Green!!! Oh and Wes told me yesterday he gets to join Dantonio at some lounge to watch the game today!!!!!

    Anyways, one more sleep and we get to see you! Tomorrow!!! I love you and miss you tons.

    • Good morning.. Thank you to all those who have posted on my blog, I really appreciate it and it brought a smile to my face to read them all. Sorry I could not repsond to all the blogs but the time is very limited here on the computer. There are a lot of ladies that have some serious FB withdraws and are filling it with this blog! 🙂 Especially Erica Adams..

      Last night started out with a bit of a challenge but worked out perfectly in the end. Kinda glad it is Sunday, I have hit a wall emotionally and physically. Miss you and the kids a tons. Tell the kids I did get their letters and have read them a few times. It took me until yesturday during devos for me to find your letter and the timing was perfect, thank you. Health here is good with the team and I have felt great all week. Definetely going to miss the food. Love you tons and I should go. Got to grab some coffee and go downstairs and hold Rosa like I have every AM. Thanks for being you and I will always be In Love With You.

  26. To sweet MaKenna…….Thank you SO much for the sweet note! It was so special to read that and to know that you were praying me! Thank you for helping keep the class under control too while I was gone 😉 You are such a great kid!! Thanks again! Love-Mrs. Schroeder

  27. Ok I know I already posted today but I just miss you so much today! Church was awesome this morning but just not the same without you there with me. Plus I couldn’t stop thinking about my trips to Guatemala and imagining what it was like through your eyes. I know tonight is going to be your last devo and probably the most emotional. I will be praying that you all are able to leave with exactly what it is that God wants for you! Enjoy the last night of praising with your team and sharing in the memories. God has done amazing things in and around you all this week but now as Dan would say it’s time for you all to bring it home with ya! You will always remember this amazing mountain top experience and many times songs in church or on the radio will bring you right back to the hills of Guatemala. I love you so much and am so thankful you were able to go on this trip. I do have to say there is a big part of me that is jealous that you got to experience it with my girls but I know it was the right team that went. Oh and don’t worry I know how exhausted and emotional you will be when you get home. I’ll be patient with ya when you cry for no reason! ;0)

    See ya very soon!!!!

    • Ha Ha about me crying for no reason tomorrow night. I was telling Sharla today that I can not imagine having to go home and get ready to go camping at Higgins the next day, like you had too.. I really feel bad about not being more sympathic to you when you got home, but I guess I would not know without being here. Love ya tons and had fun shopping today.. Chad read me the score to the game while we were in the market and I told him glad I am on a mission trip in the Guat, doesnt seem to bother me as much…. I am looking forward to being home with you and the kids. Give them all a kiss for me and I will txt you when I get into Atlanta.. In love with you more today then yesturday.. See ya soon.

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