Parker Stevens


20 thoughts on “Parker Stevens

  1. Hey Parker!
    Praying that you have an amazing time in Guatemala! Give lots of love to all those wonderful people, and stay safe!

  2. Praying for you hope you are truly enjoying this experience again;) can’t wait to hear your updates!!! I told Kevin Curtis to keep you guys in line but let’s be honest you guys better watch over Kevin;)
    Love you
    Aunt Jaimy

  3. Hi Parker! How is the house building going? Are the children as open and loving as in La Reina? Hope you are having a life changing experience! I love you!

  4. Praying that your time is amazing and that things go off without any issues. You are industrious enough that you could build two or three houses all by yourself, man! We are also praying for dedication day!!

  5. Hi Parker! I miss you! How are you doing? I hope you are giving every part of yourself for God, and that the people in the home you built all accepted Jesus today! Doesn’t it bring so much satisfaction to know that Jesus is pleased with you? I LOVE YOU! Live totally for Christ tomorrow at the medical clinic. Remember the Power of Prayer- don’t get distracted from praying! Sleep well- I Love You so much!

    • Hey Mom we were sucessful in San Ramon we built stuckoed and painted our houses in 2 days!! I enjoyed the people more in San Ramon then in lara

      • In La Reina because they arent so stuck up on things seeing as we are only the 3rd team to build houses in San Ramon. I will try to get back on tonight say Hi to Pepper for me!

      • Wow! You enjoyed the people MORE? Because they weren’t so into gifts and stuff? Were they receptive to hearing about Jesus? I am so happy that you are doing good! Here, we have been having storms since you left on Mon. First, we got dumped on with snow (6 inches in one afternoon/evening). Then, on Tues., it warmed up to 40 degrees and melted some of the snow, causing a thick, slushy mess. Then, on Wed., the temps dropped and froze all of the slush. Today we have 45 mph winds (freezing cold). Tonight, and all through the weekend, we are supposed to have temps in the single digits, causing a “deep freeze”…ugh.
        Pepper spent the whole first 3 days howling this very sad howl… especially at night. She kept running from your room to the front door and back. Kadence has been snuggling her at night. She misses you. Should we move your snowmobile before the “deep freeze?”
        I am praying Titus 3:5 over your life and the lives of those you will meet at the medical clinic today. It talks about rebirth and renewal, and the generous pouring out of the Holy Spirit upon YOU! I miss you, Parks!

  6. The people in San ramon arent as materialistic as La reina we were not aloud to hand out candy in order to have them like us for who we are not for our candy and Yes If you could put a cover over my snowmobile that’d be great! and tell pepper I’ll be home soon!!!!

  7. Also guys this may seem kinda stupid but I need some prayer for my phone it is not turning on correctly and its my only source of pictures thanks!!!!

  8. Today Me and Anna and my Dad all stayed back from the med clinic, none of us were feeling to good in the morning. After alot of rest and alot of meds we are all doing alot better now its quite boring sitting at the base in chimatulango with nothing to do….hopefully we all can go tomorrow!!! Please pray tonight as they will be showing the jesus film right when it gets dark. Thanks everybody for the posts and prayers! I will be posting tomorrow night after we get back from the med clinic! -Parker

  9. Parks, I hope your feeling better, we are praying for you guys. Looking forward to seeing you when you get home. Hang in there Pal.

    Uncle ross

  10. Hi Parker – you are a missed man. So glad that you are on a God adventure. God has many more adventures for you in West Michigan and beyond. Carry on – Be cool. – Pastor Jim

  11. Hey Pa- Jakes,
    Sometimes being bored and left behind is where you can listen better to God’s voice. I pray tonight for rest and renewal. Also, for you to be in complete submission to Him! Have a good medical clinic tomorrow. I love You!

  12. Parker–I’m glad you, your dad and sister are feeling better. Know that many of us are praying for you and the entire team as you go to your last night of Medical clinics and devos tomorrow night. I can’t wait to hear your stories.

  13. Parker,
    I am sending prayers your way, I heard that you are not feeling to well. I also hope you are having an amazing life changing experience, I know when I went I looked at life in a whole new way!

    Rest up and Stay safe,
    I look forward to hearing all about your adventure when you get home.

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