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  1. sabrina, glad you could make the trip! dan and paradise bound do an amazing job focusing on God! Enjoy, and praying for the safety of the team…dedication day is an amazing time!

    • Thanks Matt – this trip has been amazing and what I have experienced in just the last few days has forever changed me! Also, I love Dan! He is amazing and am so honored to work beside him!

    • Thank you so much for posting on this blog! You have no idea what joy it brings to me to know that you posted something πŸ™‚ I love you both dearly – thank you!

  2. Sabrina,
    Do not waver, be strong in the Lord for whatever you are facing. We too are so proud of the work you are doing not only over there but as a Godly mom and wife too! We are praying for and the team. May you and others be richly blessed.
    Mom Vander Lugt

    • Hey mom, This experience has been life changing! I never thought that God would use me the way that He has the last few days. To be able to lay my hands on our family that we built for while they accepted Christ into their hearts (8 members in the family) was an experience that I will never forget! I can not wait to show you pictures on God’s new addition to our eternal family! Love you and thank you for your prayers!

  3. So excited to hear what God has been doing over there. Sabrina, I know that you have a heart full of love and those living in the village are super blesses to be a part of that, if only for a short time.
    We miss you a ton here and the girls are beginning to realize that I am not quite youπŸ˜‰ they are definitely missing their mommy. Had to let both of them sleep in our bad last night. Anyway, I know you are doing awesome things for Christ and am so proud of all of you for following your heart. It takes a lot for us to realize that we are purchased by Christ and our time, money and love are not our own. Thank you baby for being you! I know God is molding you every day you are there. We love and miss you and can’t wait for you to get home. Sadee is saying hi and she loves you into the phone right now because she thinks I’m talking to you. Gotta go before she rips this thing out of my hand. I’ll check back this afternoon. 😘

    • Kevin – I can not begin to tell you the things that God has been doing these last few days. Literally being in the remote area of San Ramone (literally an hour drive into the mountains) and loving on the families there was so eye opening. God has revealed so much of what I need to change in my life along with how He has predestined me to be here for His purpose of saving souls. I am so honored and blessed to have you as a husband who supports me and loves the Lord. I miss you like crazy and can’t wait to show you pictures of all the wonderful people I have gotten to meet (both the team I am with and the people of Guatemala). The family we built for accepted Christ. Today was dedication day and there was about 22 people accepted Christ into their hearts. Satan was working hard to destroy the work that we were doing but all of us were praying diligently and God prevailed, as always! Micaila – I miss you my silly girl! I showed a few girls in the village the selfie pictures that you took on our camera and could not take the smile off my face because you just bring so much joy into my life – I love you my Mick-Mash! Sadee – I miss your mischevious little smile. I got to see a little girl was the Guatemalan version of you and it made my heartache! I am so blessed and can’t wait to see all of you! Please continue to pray God’s protection for our group as we start our clinics tomorrow. I am so physically tired which makes me appreciate the hard work that you (Kevin) do everyday to provide for our family! God is good!

      • So awesome baby! I am excited to hear that the angels are rejoicing because of what you are doing. So proud, and a little jealous… but mostly proud. The girls are turning into rebellious monsters but I can handle it. You did for Vietnam so it’s a fair trade;)
        Hope to hear from you again soon.
        Love you more than the world baby!

      • Ha! I am sure they are just being great! Bring them back to the basics – give them nothing but their coloring books and crayons and have them sit and only color pages for an hour or so……make sure that they make something special for me πŸ™‚ Let Micaila know that the children here are so beautiful and so content with literally having nothing….literally nothing. I love that the older brothers and sisters are so protective of there younger siblings and it reminds me so much of her protecting Sadee. Tell Josie and Landen Happy Birthday for me tomorrow. I am praying for you and the girls and I pray that you will have an amzing weekeend with them. Love you!

  4. I love hearing the stories about the village Sabrina! It makes me feel like I am there!! We will continue praying for the next two medical clinics and that the Holy Spirit is felt by everyone there!

    • Thanks Sandy! Arica and I were on the same building team and Carisa and Janene were on another team together so it is great that we all get to share and be a part of the same family stories!

  5. Yup. Sadee and me will be doing lots of coloring today. We are both at home sick and I think she has croup or bronchitis. Taking her to the doc soon. Fun fun. No one said it would be easy. Love ya

  6. From Sadee,
    I la you… aaaaand Guamamalla. Baby Leo fussy. She need mommy kisses. Me “do you miss your mommy?” Sadee “yup”! Miss mommy kisses… and cuddles… And Guamamalla…”
    Hard for her to know what is going on but she had to sleep in our bed again last night. She is fine too by the way. Just lots of stuff in her throat. Chestal saves the day!
    We are going to say a prayer for the clinics today.
    Love ya

    • Hey babe! Oy boy your prayers were heard and answered! Yesterday we drove a few hours out to a remote village area where there was about 35 families who came to the clinic. We were able to play with the kids, volleyball, catch, painting nails – I learned how to French braid!!!! I love the children here so much – they are just so beautiful. I have quite a few pictures of the girls and boys to show Micaila and Sadee! After playing for a while, I got out a bag of toys to give to the kids and literally within seconds, I was being mobbed by a group of kids and their moms….I was calling out for someone to help with crowd control! So we were able to get the large group to make three lines to finish handing things out. Poor Arica had to play tug-a-war with a lady who was literally ripping a blanket out of her hands πŸ™‚ Poor girl πŸ™‚ After we the clinic was finished, we set up chairs for the villagers to sit down and watch the Jesus movie. I was quite suprised at how many of the people stayed and were so attentive through the whole thing. Afterwards, our group got up and sang two songs and then started giving testimonies. Babe, I told myself a few days ago that I wasn’t going to give my testimony – partially being in fear of how some of the women would respond to the abortion. But the entire time that others were sharing their stories, God stirred me to the point of shaking and feeling like I was going to vomit. I was telling Him in my head, how can I give a short testimony? What is my testimony going to accomplish here? all the doubts that Satan gives……well, I did what God blatantly told me to do and I was amazed at how he gave me the words to say and that was the most concise short version of my testimony! Afterwards, the pastor Hermano Jesus gave his sermon and many times he refered to our testimonies that we gave and how God gives second chances. I was so amazed to see the transformation Christ has made in the lives of my team members and their stories blew me away! Afterwards when he gave the alter call, so many people came to the front – many children too!!!!! It was the most wonderful experience ever! What amazed me the most was that after sharing my testimony to this crowd, that I had so many little girls come and hug me so hard! A mother who accepted Christ also loved on me —– I know that God used this opportunity for those villagers to bless me. I love you and can’t wait to completely share everything with you. I will be praying for Sadee that she will be feeling better soon! Thank you so much for being an amazing husband and playing both roles while I am gone. I can’t wait to hug and kiss all of you! Let Sadee know that I love her and am sending her many kisses and poochie pinches!!!! And let Micaila know that I know that God created her for such a great purpose and can’t wait to share expereinces like these in the future because her heart is so big! Love you babe and praying for your strength today! Hope you have fun at Craig’s Crusiers tonight!

      • I am so proud of you baby. it’s amazing to be used by God to further his kingdom and impact the lives of other people all around the world. we do miss you a lot here and I can’t wait to hold you in my arms again and hear about the awesome things that God is doing. we went to dinner with Matt and Pat last night with two of their girls and they all dressed up in dresses. me and the girls also had dinner at Damien’s on Wednesday night and had a great time playing and talking. having good friends to help is an amazing gift. I’m sure you have some new relationships that will last a long time. we will keep praying for all of you and can’t wait to see you soon.
        love you baby.

      • Sabrina, thank you for listening to God and sharing your testimony! It is an amazing story of how much God loves us all, no matter where we came from and what our past holds! You should shout it from the roof tops! You are awesome, and I am so excited that you got to experience this trip!! πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Sabrina – So glad that you are on this team. May your return home be wonderful as well. Keep living and sharing The Story of God! – Pastor Jim

  8. Hey babe. Can’t sleep tonight for some reason. Today was the breaking point for the girls. Lots of
    Melt-downs and crying for mommy. I managed to get them to sleep in their room tonight but we will see if that lasts. I miss my best friend and wish I had been more attentive the last few weeks. I’d give anything to just be able to hold your hand while we fall asleep.
    I feel like I am doing ok but as soon as the pre-selected clothes run out I am afraid this house will fall apart;) I could not appreciate you more than I do right now. You are an amazing wife and mother and testimony for Christ. Hope you have another awesome day tomorrow. Love ya beautiful

    • We had our second day of medical clinics today. We traveled to the village where we were supposed to go, but it was locked up. We were waiting outside for awhile and found out that that the leader in the village had changed his mind and did not want us to come. Before leaving, we prayed for the people in the village and for the leader, as their hearts were hardened and truly needed what we had to share. God led us to a different village and it didn’t take long to see that His plan was perfect. This village of almost 60 families needed us so badly! The children were so excited to have their nails painted, to get “dulce” (candy), color, and for the toys we brought for them. We passed out candy to the adults as well and they were so excited. One little girl named Carmen Alicia stuck by my side throughout the time we were there and kept smiling up at me and saying, “mi mejor amiga” She was so incredibly thankful to each little toy or candy we shared. The needs of this village were great and many were able to get medicine from the clinic. As it got dark, the Jesus film was shown, we sang, and testimonies were shared. It was again, such a powerful night. Hermano Jesus shared a message, which gives me chills to listen to! As he invited the village to come forward to dedicate their lives to Christ, almost the entire crowd came forward. As I looked for my little friend, I saw her come to me and grab my hand and start walking forward. Suddenly, her brother came running over and told her to come back. I was afraid her family was not going to be open to accepting Christ. When I walked back, the mother was sitting on the ground with a baby. Anya (one of the Paradise Bound staff members) came over and talked to the mother and the mother asked for someone to hold her baby. Then, the mother, her boys, and Carmen Alicia came forward to accept Christ. It was amazing!! After the hugs and tears were shared, rice and beans were handed out the the families. They left with many gifts that night….medicine, food, toys, candy, but that is nothing in comparison to the treasure that was given to their families when they accepted Christ!! I know I will never forget the people in that village and praise God that they are now a part of our eternal family! This trip has been so amazing!

      I am so excited to see my family at home, but sad to see this trip come to an end. I can’t wait to share more about these experiences!! Sending lots of love to everyone back home!!!

      • Kevin – this is my original reply – somehow the response above was someone elses – sorry!
        Oh babe! You are doing great and I know that God will give you a great day with the girls today! I miss you like crazy too πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to share this time with you and I hope in the future that we can go on this mission trip together. I appreciate you more than ever also. You are a blessing to me and and our girls. Tell them I miss them and will soon see them tomorrow! Love you and see you soon! P.S. I made an amazing friend in the village last night and we connected in only a way that Christ could connect people. After she accepted Christ into her heart, she held onto me for several minutes and we were both crying and embracing each other. I could not stop kissing her because I was so happy for her eternity! She asked me if she would ever see me again! Fortunately, praise God! – She has facebook πŸ™‚ I got her name and can not wait to connect with her through that when I get back home. So many of the people I connected with this week were younger girls but she was the first teenager – she is fifteen and her heart is so amazing. She kept saying that she loved me and I can not explain to you the bond that I formed with her – it truly is strong because it is eternal. I love you babe and can’t wait to hold your hand too when we fall asleep. Praying that God will give you and the girls peace tonight and safety as you go to work and on your way to pick me up πŸ™‚

  9. Oh my sweet Mulan…how I have grown to love you! Your testimony has left an imprint on my heart that will never go away. I love so many things about you but most of all I love that you are a power house for God! You are bold for our Lord Jesus Christ and I look up to you for that! I smile when I think about our experiences this week and I am so glad that you decided to join our trip last minute. I cant imagine you not here. God had it all planned out. I love you Sabrina and I am so blessed to call you my friend!

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