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  1. What a crazy beginning to your amazing trip! God obviously has some big plans for you guys because satan is fighting hard! Love you tons and am so proud of you! How you are enjoying the beautiful mountains and volcanos!!

    • HI!! We made it back to mission base! Amazing, amazing trip so far!!! words can’t even describe. Thank you for the special delivery, helped my heart! love you!

      • Pray today! some team members weary and not feeling well. God conitues to keep me strong. thankful for that, busy day ahead. Can’t wait to share all of this. what an experience. God is amazing!

      • You got prayers girl!
        God we lift up those serving you in Guatemala. We ask that you protect their bodies from illness. We know you are the ultimate healer, and we ask for your healing and protection right now. We know this is more than a physical battle, for when we are living in your will we will be distracted from many angles. Praise to you God for your grace and love is being shared to many this week. Continue to protect the team and those serving along side them. We trust you!
        Keep up the great Kingdom work Sharon! You are surrounded in prayer.

  2. Yay! You arrived! One more step checked off and overcome. Praying for you today that you will be blessed by God’s presence and joy as He uses you as His hands and feet. Have a great time!

    • thank you! cant wait to share all of this! keep praying for strength and energy. Trust has been huge on trip and God has been showing up big time!

  3. Hoping and praying your first night went well. Have fun building today and enjoy the stuccoing tomorrow!!!!! Get a little on my hubby for me when you do! Love ya and still praying for ya!

  4. Hey ladySo glad you made it. God has his hand on you and I know will use you to do great things there. Remember in everything prayer and thanksgiving! Also downward dogs help too..haha. see you when you get back!

  5. dear mom.what do the kids in guatemala do? are they in school or is it summer? I miss you and dad very much but me and the boys are having fun.
    Love molly ❤

    • HI Molly, Jake and Seth!!! It has been an amazing trip so far! Dad and I miss you all very much!!! The kids here go to school until 6th grade (in San Ramon) they go to school at 7:30 in the morning and are usually there for 2 to 3 hours. They carry their papers in cute bags, just like I want to get for you Molly! Seth, the boys here LOVE to play soccer, and are very good at it! Jacob, a boy in the family we built for reminded me of you, he was about your age. He could even speak a little English. I have learned to speak quite a bit of spanish in just a few days! I really hope you are all doing well! We miss you so much! I will try to send another message tomorrow. only 2 computers and everyone is excited to say hi to their families. See you soon!! Love you so very much.

      • Sharon and Scott, I am so very happy that everything is going well. I cannot wait to hear about your adventures. You are an awesome couple and awesome parents. I love you both so very much and pray for you. Everything is going great…the kids had a snow day Tuesday. Sally kept them very entertained on Monday and Tuesday. Grandma B is there now and I am sure the are having fun….Molly said she brings candy and sweets 🙂 Have a safe and wonderful time the rest of the days and cannot wait to see you and Scott on Monday.
        Love, Mom K

      • hi mom miss you i want you home. Hi guys sounds like the lord is doing a wonderful work in you. kids are doing great & can’t wait to see you! I can’t wait to hear about EVERYTHING! Seth wants a red jersey. Molly says she love you & misses you . We are having a slumber party in your room tonight. come home safe, Wish you could bring a few of those little ones home with you. We will keep all of you in our prayers.

  6. Praying for you Sharon!! I am so excited you and Scott are sharing this together!! Also proud of you for taking this leap of Faith!!! Hope the building is going smooth and Satan is nowhere to be seen!!!! Dedication day is a biggy emotionally and physically!! Prayers specific for that!!!
    Again so proud of you;)
    Jaimy Stevens

    • thank you. you were right! it is so amazing!! we are all very tired at this point God keeps supplying the energy we need! back to base now. houses built and off to medical clinics tomorrow.

  7. I can’t wait to hear from you guys! I hear that your houses are done and tomorrow am will be dedications. Know that you have a team of prayer warriors praying you guys through.

    • first post was from me HA! didnt change the name. Dedication was so very amazing. 21 people accepted Christ today!! I am so happy knowing I will see them again in Heaven.

  8. Just wanted you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers. I know that God is using you to do great things while you are there!

  9. Praying for you all daily! I pray you are over coming all the fears we talked about. 😉 You are doing great things-continue to be his hands and feet!

    • thank you! keep praying. many are weary today and not feeling well yet it will be another busy day. God continues to keep me strong and for that I am so very grateful.

  10. Sharon….I am SO Proud of you! I can’t stop smiling just thinking of you being SO strong! God has you in this perfect place, and I can’t wait to hear how your touched so many lives! Praying for you everyday to feel at peace and enjoy every second of this trip! Our next group might have to start at 5:00 to hear all about this experience!! I can’t wait!! Love you, and praying for the next two days in the villages to be filled with the Holy Spirit!

  11. Sharon and Scott, I have been thinking about your adventure and praying for you!!! So great to be able to read how u r doing! U guys are doing amazing things and I can’t wait to hear about it!

  12. Oh my word Sharon! Did u think I forgot about you?? I’ve been checking this blog thing like crazy and never realized this personal thing was here! I have been praying for like crazy and can’t quit thinking about all of your amazing stories you will have to share! I know God is doing amazing things in your lives and in those you are helping. I picked Seth and Molly up from school yesterday and we went for a snack at McDonalds (you sure you want me taking care of them??) 😉 They both were very happy and doing super! No worries there! Continuing my prayers on the rest for the rest of your journey! Have fun! Love ya!!

    • Hi! Thank you for lovin’ on my kids. I miss them like crazy. I see their smiles in so many of the children here. The kids here are beautiful children, so content with huge hearts. We grew very attached to the children in the family we built the home for in such a short time. There were many hugs and tears from us when it was time to say good-bye. But my heart rejoices I will see them in heaven some day as they all accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior.
      So much to tell you, my heart is already forever changed and we are only half way! Today we head to host a medical clinic. Pray for safe travels and that even more of these beautiful people accept Christ. Thank you so much for your continued prayers my friend!

  13. Sharon, so exciting reading your posts! Med clinics today, what a blessing you will be loving on all of the Guatemalans. “If God is for us, who can be against us? ” praying for you!

    • It has been amazing week! Life changing for sure!! God has covered this team every step of the way. The people here are amazing people that have touched my heart so deeply. Thank you for your prayers. They mean so much!

  14. So Denise worked us ladies out good this am. I may still be sore when I see you at the airport Monday! ;0) I know that today can be one of the hardest days because you gave so much spiritually yesterday. But know that you guys are covered in prayer and will continue to be today/tonight. Enjoy the medical clinics and the different experience. When you are up in front of the village singing tonight and tomorrow night those will be one of the memories that will stick forever! Be prepared for a spiritual battle and crazy things to happen. Praying for all that will be sharing their testimonies!

    Love ya girl!

  15. Sharon – We miss you tons but are so glad that you went on tis adventure to Guatemala and are sharing yourself with the people there and your teammates on the trip. You are a champion! We are so proud of you — can’t wait to hear your stories. – Pastor Jim

  16. Hi Jacob! Thank you for your note! Dad and I miss you all so much, but we are very very busy and our time is going fast and we will be home soon. Yesterday we went to a village to host a medical clinic. What should have been a 2 hour drive ended up being over 3 hours due to construction of a road. So we were stopped in our vans, got out and just enjoyed an amazing view of the gorgeous mountains. Quite a view! Thank you for helping out at home, we know we can count on you! love you!

    Molly- Miss you tons sweetie! Hope you are having fun with Grandma, sounds like you got to have a sleepover! That sounds fun. The little girl in the house we built for was the same age at you! Her name is Quacalin. (sounds like Jacuelyn). I told her and her Grandma in spanish the I have a hija (daughter) named Molly and she is 8 years old too. They smiled and Quacalin kept saying “molly, molly” Have fun this weekend and we will see you in a just a few days. I have seen some of the girls with very cute little purses, can’t wait to go to the market and get one for you! love you!

    Seth – Hi bud! how are you? hope you are having fun with Grandma. I promise I will try to find a red jersey. I have seen some boys wearing them, I bet I can find one. Yesterday at the medical clinic some of the boys in our group played a game of soccer with the boys in the village, Dad included! They had fun. These boys in Guatemala have great footwork, they are very good. We are taking lots of pictures, can’t wait to show all of you! Be good for Grandma see you soon. love you!

    Jamie – you have always said how amazing this trip is, now I know what you mean! Words can not really even describe it, can they. Yes, dedication day was emotionally draining and many were tired yesterday, but God revived us once we got to the village for medical clinic yesterday. It was an amazing experience. At the end when Hermano Jesus called the villagers to come forward many did! Many with tears streaming down their faces, singing and calling out to Jesus. A young father, on his knees tears streaming down his face craddling his young son his arms accepting Jesus into his heart. I had seen him earlier during the Jesus movie, he seemed hesitant to even watch at first but then seemed very interested trying to get a better view, I had specifically prayed for him at that time and then to see him at the end on his knees bowing down with those tears and sobbing. Knowing he accepted Christ into his heart and that I will see him in heaven, wow, God is so amazing!!
    That is only a small glimpse of the God sightings this week, we are all seeing Him in so many things and so many ways. And funny you said that about the singing up front. I told Sharla that I felt like I was in a choir! Never thought I would be in a choir!! That was so cool! 🙂 But was was even more amazing was praising our God in a tiny village way up in mountain in Guatemala! Again, God is so amazing.

    Pastor Jim – Thank you for your note. It is so amazing here! We have experienced so much in such a short time. God has been providing the team with strength and energy! Taking a huge leap of faith has proven to be life changing. Thank you for your continued prayers, we head to another village today for a medical clinic.

    Thank you to all family and friends who are praying for us, they have been getting us all through. I feel them and they continue to give me the strength I need this week. We are kept very busy! Last night we got back to base about 11:30pm and everyone just about fell into bed! I was so tired I made the mistake of putting my toothbrush under the water… luckily I realized it and didnt use it, that’s a big no no here. Have to use your water bottle of purified water. But Ellen saved me and had an extra toothbrush, not sure how I will survive without her at home, she’s had my back more than once here! 🙂
    Love to you all!

  17. I can hear the excitement in each of your posts. Can’t wait to hear about this amazing trip! You’ll be glad to know mom spent the day yesterday cleaning your home! Gotta love that lady! Also heard some members are not feeling well. Not sure if it’s you or Scott but know that I am praying for all of you. May you continue to feel God’s loving arms wrapped around this journey!

    • Scott and I are feeling strong. Tuesday morning was a little rough for me, but I continued to pray for strength and health and felt much better by the afternoon. Still going strong!

  18. Sharon–I am so glad to hear that this trip seems to be exceeding anything you might have expected. For me, this trip was a life changing event and I hope it enhance your life as well. Know that there are many people praying for you and the team as you go to your last night of clinics and devotions tomorrow night. I look forward to hearing your stories.

  19. Hi Sharon, I am so proud of your courage to get out of your comfort zone! God will honor your self sacrifice and trust in Him! Keep going as there are more to bring to the Lord! The harvest is great, but the workers are few (but He has SUPER SHARON)!!! Keep up the good and important work!!!!
    Teresa Stevens

  20. Hi lady! Continuing my prayers daily for you. Praying for strength for you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. So thankful that you took that leap of faith and Are experiencing this trip as part of your journey with Christ. I am so excited to hear all the ways you’ve seen Him this past week. Love ya!

  21. Prayers continued from over here!!! Enjoy your last day over there! The shopping day is really fun;)I know as much as you want to get home it is so hard to leave such a special place!!!!
    Hugs to you
    Jaimy Stevens

  22. Thank you for posting your stories. We’ve enjoyed reading the entries of people on your team. Please know we have been praying for all of you and hope that everyone is feeling better. We were on the prep team in early January, so your stories are like answers to prayers from then, praying for the villagers to receive Christ and share His love with you. Travel mercies for your return to the states! –Marianne, Cedar Falls, Iowa

    • thank you! It has been an amazing week that has been life changing for me and many other team members. pretty sure the people here have blessed me more than I have blessed them. Your prayers have helped this week be so very successful.

  23. Can this really be our last day? Do I really have to leave this beautiful place and these beautiful people. Many of us talked last night that the transition back might be a little hard. Yesterday was our last scheduled medical clinic, we arrived at the village only to find they did not want us there. Feeling discouraged we gathered as a team to pray about where God wanted us to be. We did then drive to a different village to find people welcoming us with open arms. We had thought about 25 families would be there, the medical clinic ended up having 60 families come through. I met a sweet abuela (Grandma), who seemed to be close to 80 years old. She was just coming out of the clinic and walked past me with a huge smile on her face and said something to me in spanish, I couldn’t pick up much but Gracias and Jesus Cristo. She was telling us thank you and that we were here because Jesus Christ sent us and she was so thankful. She pointed to the eye glasses she had received and smiled so big! She gave me a huge huge, she was so tiny, yet her hug was sooo big! I had tears in my eyes, so thankful God had answered our prayer and sent us to this village. The evening testimony and sermon time was once again very powerful and a huge group of villagers accepted Jesus into their hearts last night either for the first time or have renewed their relationship with him. The sweet little abuela couldnt go up to the front fast enough! She moved as fast as she could with her little bamboo cane and I scanned the crowd to find her and pray with her. There we were speaking 2 different languages but sending up our prayers to the same Lord and Savior. She again hugged me with that huge hug as we both has tears streaming down our faces. I will never forget mi abuela in Guatemala. It is so amazing how these people can touch your heart in such a short amount of time.
    Again, thank you so much to family, friends and even people I don’t know who have covered this team in prayer this week and in the weeks prior. You have made this trip so amazing. Without our prayer warriors we couldn’t have done this.
    Today is our free day and we are going to head to the market. Tonight we will have our last devotion time together as a team here. Those have been so powerful and have given us much to ponder on our return home.
    Please continue to pray for safe travels home tomorrow and that everything will go smoothly.
    Blessing to all,

    • Your stories are amazing to hear! I can’t wait to listen to more! The people of the village will be forever blessed that they got to meet you….you are such a special person, Sharon! Praying especially for the devotions tonight….

  24. Praying for safe travel. Thanking God for the powerful week you have had. So awesome to hear about your new little Abuela, how precious is that.

  25. Last night of devotions – AMAZING! Hearts and lives have been transformed here. God is good all the time, all the time God is good. May he continue to lead and guide us all the days of our lives. We all thought we came here to try and be a blessing, pretty sure we all have been blessed waaaayyyy more! Prayer warriors, please pray us home tomorrow!
    In Him,

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